Not Black…Navy

I ordered this shirt from the Limited when they were having a 50% off three items sale(same time I got my yellow belt).  I knew it was navy/yellow stripes when I bought it.  Looking back, I remember checking to make sure it was navy by referencing the outfit it was featured in.  It was paired with navy pants.  However, somehow in the week and a half or so from order time to arrival at my house, then the next week of it sitting in my closet I must have forgotten.

Because this morning I got up, feeling groggy(had a bad night), saw it hanging in my closet, and convinced it was black, paired it with a black skirt, black hair flower and black shoes.

The sad thing is, I didn’t even notice it was navy until I was pumping gas on my way to work.  In the bright sun it was OBVIOUS to all that my shirt was navy and my skirt was black.  Whoops!  Luckily, I work mostly in the dark(I’ve always thought that optometry would be a great career for a vampire since we’re in the dark half the time!)

It’s hard to tell in this picture(if you look closely and zoom in you can see it better) but the stripes of the shirt are most definitely NAVY!

I show you this picture because I want you to know the real me.  I make mistakes.  I wear things that don’t work well together or don’t coordinate together at all. I see way too many fashion bloggers only posting absolutely perfectly styled outfits day in and day out…Don’t they ever make a mistake? Wear something kind of “off”? For me,  it’s a learning process and I want you guys along for the ride!

Have you ever left the house feeling good about any outfit only to discover that you are wearing navy instead of black?  Or two different socks, or God-forbid, two different shoes(I’ve personally seen this happy, but not to me)?


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