Quick Change

You’ve seen this outfit before…on my body form when I was trying to decide what to wear for my photoshoot(I just got a copy of the magazine where my little “blurb” is today so I’ll get a photo of it up for you to see soon).  Only, when I showed it to you before I paired it with a pink belt and accessories.  After picking up a yellow belt from The Limited during a 50% off sale, I decided to change my accessories from pink to yellow and I really like how it turned out.

Can you believe I’m not wearing a cardigan!!  I couldn’t just leave it at that, so while I actually wore it to work as you see above, I did take a picture of it with a cardigan(I’m nothing if not predictable)…..maybe I should rename the blog to Girl Who Wears Cardigans?

But, I actually(for maybe the first time ever haha) like it better without the cardigan!

Which do you like better?  With or without the cardigan?



4 thoughts on “Quick Change

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I know!! I worry that one of these days I’ll start getting nasty comments from trollers who are b*tching about my overuse of cardigans…so I figure I better beat them to the punch and comment on how often I wear a cardigan! If you work in an office, you pretty much *have* to have a cardigan for your daily outfits since most offices are air conditioned to the temperature of a meat locker(at least that’s the case in one of my offices…the other one isn’t so cold but still)

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