Beauty Tuesday: Tips for Choosing the Right Blush

Blush…oh, blush, the very bane of my beauty existence.  I’ve been asked several times to do a post on choosing blush, and I’ve put it off because I really don’t feel like I’m particularly good at it….but, here’s what I’ve learned/experience and kind of works for me…..

My main tip is to purchase your blush from a store that you can a. try it on  and b. return it after you’ve used it in “real life”.

This means you’ll have to head to a Sephora, Ulta, MAC or a department store makeup counter(luckily they seem to last a long time).  I’ve always asked the employees(are they considered makeup artists?) at the stores what color would look best on me, and typically try on several before making my choice.  Then I go home and use it for a few days before deciding whether I like it or not.

Currently I own three different blushes and they are all really similar in color(dusty pinky rose) because I am so fair I need a light rose blush.

I started with Cubic and acquired the others because of my sister’s wedding(we found that the cubic alone wasn’t lasting long enough and we wanted her to look perfect in pictures).  Posey is a cream blush, which means it stays on longer(I always go over it with exposed to “set it”) but I don’t like the sanitation factor(having to apply with my fingers as opposed to a clean brush) and the difficulty in blending so I probably won’t buy it again.

Another secret? I don’t use a blush brush to apply my blush!  I actually use a flat powder brush and for lack of a better word “stamp” it just under my cheekbone.


But when in doubt, (I have heard, but never used myself), that NARS Orgasm blush is amazing and looks fantastic on most people, so there’s always that.

Here’s a sneak peak of the landscaping work from over the weekend(I’m available for hire….JUST KIDDING!)


I realized after we were planting that I happened to chose/already have all purple plants!  Those grassy looking plants have purple blooms, the crape myrtle in the upper left corner is purple and of course the lorapetulum is purple.



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