One Dress, Four Ways: The Striped Stretch Dress

Last month I went on a shopping spree of sorts.  I’ve mentioned it in passing a few times, but my parents and I were at the outlet mall and Ann Taylor Factory was having a huge sale.  Not only that, but they had tons of nice items. In the past, I’ve never been able to find anything that I really liked, or thought was very high quality.  This time was different.  The only thing stopping me from buying the whole store(haha) was lack of my size in some of the items I wanted.  My mom got even more things than I did.  To really let you know how fantastic the prices and the selection were, my dad(who is NOT a shopper) was bringing my mom stuff to the dressing room to try on and encouraging her to get more and more!

Anyhoo, one such purchase was a striped dress knit dress(have you noticed how in love I am with stripes lately!).  It’s one of those that doesn’t really wrinkle so it’s fantastic for travel.  As soon as I saw it on the mannequin, I knew I had to have it.  It’s so comfortable and stretchy(feels like I’m wearing pajamas) and I immediately started planning ways to wear it.

I actually have a fair number of dresses in my closet, collected over the years typically for very specific occasions.  I don’t typically just buy a dress because I like it.  More often than not, I have an event that requires a dress and I go buy one for that even(examples: graduation, my cousins wedding, a special date, ect).  If I’m looking for versatility, I have historically always chosen to get a shirt/skirt or cardigan/skirt instead of a dress.  I’m aiming to change that and looking at ways I can use my dresses for more than one event or look.

So, I figured you might be like me: owning a collection of dresses that you’d like to get more mileage out of.  I’ve done something similar before where I showed three different ways to pair a cardigan with a dressy-dress, but they were essentially the same look with slight variations. This is four completely different looks.

One: Wear it as a Jumper with a button up shirt underneath.  I added a teal statement necklace with a nude belt and nude pumps.

Two: Add a cardigan and a bow belt(which is just red ribbon tied around my waist in a bow) with matching shoes.

Three: The dress by itself with a belt around the waist(it really requires the belt to break up all the stripes).  I think this look is too casual for work but would work great for a baby shower, luncheon or day at the beach.

Four: Make it a skirt by wearing a shirt on top.  You know I’m loving mixing stripes with polka dots, so of COURSE I had to use my polka dot shirt.

While I like them all, I could only wear one to work today? Any guesses?

If you said the cardigan and bow belt you are correct!  It was my favorite look of all(hello, cardigan+bow!) and…the last one I tried on so it was kind of a no-brainer!

Dress: Ann Taylor Factory (similar,similar, similar)

*Ann Taylor is selling the EXACT same dress in a different pattern here.  It’s $98 but they are always having sales so you may be able to get it for much cheaper.

White Blouse: Banana Republic(buy it here)

Yellow Cardigan: Ann Taylor Factory(similar)

Dotted Blouse: Gap(buy it here…though it was much cheaper in store)

Which way was your favorite?


Ps-I apologize for the lack of a Sunday Manicure post this week.  We had a busy busy weekend!  We were doing landscaping around the house all day on Sunday(we’re about 3/4 of the way finished) and I was digging in the dirt for hours…so no time for a manicure(though I need one right now more than ever).

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