Beauty Tuesdays: Making Curls Last

My hair is neither curly nor straight.  I have to do things to it for it to fall into either of those categories. On it’s own, my hair has a few unruly waves and some obnoxious cowlicks.

BUT, of course my hair does not like to stay in whatever way I fix it.  It I flat-iron it, it will start to flip out by the end of the day and definitely won’t last after I’ve slept on it.  Curls are even worse….they start falling out within hours and sometimes by the end of the day, you can’t even tell I curled my hair.

Through some trial and error, I’ve found a method in which I can kinda/sorta get my curls to at least mostly last throughout the entire work day or social event.  And typically, the next day there is a little bit of curl left that I can work with to give me a different look.

I use four products to achieve “lasting” curls.

1. Mousse that I apply while my hair is wet then air dry or blow dry.  I always do this even if I’m not going to curl it…

2. Cream Mousse that I apply to my dry hair right before I curl it(obviously, you could use the same mousse as you did from step 1 but I have both so I use both!)

3. Style spray that I spray on each section of hair right before I curl it(let it dry before you curl)

4. Super-hold hairspray I spray on once I’ve got the style I want

When I’m curling my hair, I section it off, and start at the bottom, curling about 2 inch pieces at a time.  I’ll apply mousse to the whole section, the individually spray each piece before I curl it.

Once I’ve curled my whole head, the curls are really tight and little house on the prairie like…

So, I finger comb through them to loosen them up a bit and then add my headband or flower du jour.

From the back:

They’re still a little tighter than I would necessarily like, but that’s because they will continue to loosen/soften as the day goes on.  The trick with curling your hair and/or adding volume is to go curlier than you want and more volumized than you want because *it will fall* unless you shellac it with hairspray(which I DON’T recommend!)

Here’s how it looks about 10 hours later.  It’s fallen quite a lot, but is still noticeably curly.  It was very windy today and I was out at an outdoor mall during lunch so I think if I hadn’t done this, it would’ve held the curl even better.

Any tips/tricks for making curls last I don’t know about?



4 thoughts on “Beauty Tuesdays: Making Curls Last

  1. Anne-Marie says:

    Love the look and the post!! My question: How long did it take to do, and how big was your curling iron? I ask because I have a lot of hair (just on my head har-har-har) and I tend to abandon curling it due to the time it takes… straightening goes much faster!

    • guitargrl325 says:

      I’m not certain how long it takes….maybe 15 minutes? I’ll time it next time and let you know. It used to take my much, much longer but the trick is to get a really good curling iron that gets really hot.

      I have this one

      And I got it on sale for $93. It takes some getting used to but once you figure out how to curl your hair with it, it’s soooo much quicker. The trick to it is, you clamp the hair down where you want it to start(i.e., close to your head) then twist it till you reach the ends….

      And because it gets to 450*F plus….you don’t have to hold the curl very long(maybe 3-5s as opposed to 30-45s I used to have to do with my wal-mart curling iron)

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