Inspired Style: Coral and Navy

If you pay attention to fashion trends, you’ll realize that each season there area  few colors that are labeled “the color or the season”.  Right now coral, navy, emerald green and cobalt seem to be ruling the fashion color palette.  You’ll also realize that these color trends are cyclical.  I am seeing coral everywhere  and luckily for me, coral was HUGE about 7 years ago and I saved all my coral pieces(which are only about 3 pieces but still) from that time period.

I’ve recently been adding navy to my closet as previously, it was very difficult to find many navy pieces so I’m stocking up while I can!  When I came across this look from either Ann Taylor or Loft, I knew immediately that it would be a great outfit to re-create using something brand new(my navy blouse) with something very old(my coral cardigan).

It looks like she’s wearing nude shoes as best as I can tell, but since I have coral shoes(that are super cute!) I wanted to go ahead and wear my coral shoes(which are nearly as old as the cardigan!)

Blouse: Ann Taylor Factory

Cardigan: Ann Taylor(OLD)

Necklace: Loft

Skirt: Dots

Shoes: Lela Rose for Payless

Question for the day….would you guys like it if I found similar pieces to what I’m wearing that are available online and share those with you so if you see something you like, you could find a comparable(or the same item if it’s new)?



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