Evolution of a look: The Sequined Skirt

*There’s a LOT of text for this post, but also lots of pictures!

This past winter/fall all the stores were featuring a sparkly sequined pencil skirt, or at least it seemed like they were.  I loved the idea of owning such a skirt, not for the obvious way of wearing it to a party or on a nice date, but in order to “dress it down” and wear it to the office.  Banana republic showed a sequined skirt paired with a dress shirt and cardigan for an office ready look.  I also saw some bloggers do something similar.  The main problem?  All the skirts I liked were $125-175…no way would I spend that much on one piece.

I stayed on the lookout for a sale or a cheaper version at a more reasonably priced store, but to no avail. I even scoured all the fabric stores(local and online) for some fabric in which to MAKE my own sequined skirt.  But there was nada.  So I gave up the idea.

A few weeks ago, I was shopping with my parents at an outlet mall that had a WHBM outlet.  If you’ve never been to a WHBM, I suggest you plan a trip.  They don’t just sell “factory made” clothes which I try to stay away from….they also have clothes from the WHBM stores that are out of season or didn’t sell well at deep discounts.  I found the sparkle skirt I was looking for IN MY SIZE! And even more than that….it was on final sale clearance for $10 because a few of the sequins had fallen off!  But, it came with extra sequins you could sew on yourself to fix it.  Obviously I snapped that skirt up right then and there.

I went through multiple wardrobe changes when I was trying to find the right “look” to debut my new sequined skirt, and I wanted to share them with you so you can see how I go about deciding on a particular outfit.

When styling outfits for work(and by consequence this blog, since what I post here is what I actually wear to work), I typically pick out a week or two at a time.  Sometimes, I have an idea in my mind about what I want to put together, sometimes I’m going off an inspirational picture or an outfit I saw on a patient, a friend or a stranger.  Sometimes, I’m standing in my closet looking at what I have and holding pieces together. Once I have an outfit together, I’ll hang all the pieces together, with multiple outfits getting hung in the order I plan to wear them.

For my sparkle skirt, I had always pictured pairing it with a button-up shirt, some sort of sweater or cardigan and a belt. So that’s how it was hanging in my closet.

I paired it with a bright pink button up shirt, black sweater vest and black belt around my waist.  I HATED it from the start. It didn’t even make it to the picture taking part of the morning.  I took off the vest and belt, tucked in the shirt and added a different belt.  I was really liking how it was looking in the mirror….until I went and took a picture.  As soon as I saw the picture, I said, NOPE!  It just didn’t work, and it emphasized how much larger my lower half is compared to my upper half.

*Please pardon my hair…I’m trying to find a way to curl it without heat and I tried yet another tutorial on pinterest(using a soft headband) and needless to say…it didn’t really turn out!

At this point, I ditched the long sleeve shirt, grabbed a lace camisole and a cardigan, changed the shoes(they just didn’t seem to work with the skirt for some reason I can’t put my finger on, I just don’t like them together!) and while I thought it was cute, and a massive improvement over the first go-round, it still wasn’t “the one”

So I got rid of the cardigan and decided to try a soft, thin v-neck sweater that was a little longer to balance out my hips. I thought because the sweater was so plain and long, I’d need a belt around my waist. Well, that was a mistake. It cut me off in the middle and made me look…for lack of a better word….frumpy

I was running out of time, but I knew I could make this work, so I tore off the belt and snapped another picture. MUCH better but it still seemed to be lacking….

I ran to my closet and grabbed a long statement necklace to layer over the more subdued one I already had on and finally a look I could stand behind!

Skirt: White House Black Market

Pink Blouse: Express

Flower Belt: NY&Co

Black Cardigan: WHBM

Purple Camisole: Maurices

Grey Sweater: Loft

Necklaces: WHBM

Shoes: Both pairs are from Ross

Did I make the right call in my final photo with the styling?  Or did you prefer an earlier incarnation of the look?



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