Back to Basics

Did you get your taxes sent in yesterday?  Mine went out at the last second too!  It was our first year having to pay!!  That’s what happens when half your income is “self-employed”….which also meant that in addition to federal and state for 2011, I also owed for the first quarter of 2012…..luckily I’ve been over-saving so it didn’t hurt *too* badly.

I like most colors and have really loved experimenting with crazy color combinations, but sometimes you just need to go back to basics and wear soft, muted colors. One of my very favorite color combinations for soft, muted, feminine looks are light pink and grey.  I’m so in love with grey right  now.  I’d love to paint my some rooms in my house grey.  If hubby and I ever have a child of the female persuasion, I’m doing the nursery in pinks and greys.  You could say today’s look was inspired by my blog header!

I also tried it without the cardigan for more summery look, but I think I like it best with the cardigan(plus it looks more professional that way)

Pink Blouse: Ann Taylor Factory

Cardigan: J. Crew

Skirt: Express

Shoes: Ross

Belt: WHBM

What is your favorite feminine color combination?


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