Beauty Tuesday: Easy 5-Step Smokey Eye

Who doesn’t love a smokey eye?  I know I do and have posted different tutorials of them over the past year.  This is my current go-to method for creating a super-easy, work appropriate smokey eye. It takes about 5 minutes or less, and only has 5 steps!

You can use basically whatever color you want as your “smokey” color.  I’ve done it with green, blue and purple for a more wild look, but today I’m using UD’s Naked 2 palette with the color Pistol as my “smokey color”

1. Apply you high-light color to the whole lid, up to the eyebrow

2.  Line your upper lid(to the first crease) and your lower waterline with black eyeliner

3. Go over your upper line with matte black shadow* I just realized there’s no picture for this step….whoops!!!

4. Using a flat brush that you dipped in your smokey color of choice, start with the brush in the outer crease of your lid and draw it across, keeping it in the crease, then fill in the rest of the lid(including your black line) with your smokey color

5. Re-define your upper lid with eyeliner and add mascara


Ps-I’m trying out a new way to do tutorials…it’s more work but I think the aesthetic is better…what do you think?


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