The best part of blogging about fashion is that I now look for inspiration when I’m putting together outfits, so that I’m not just wearing the same top with the same skirt every other week.  I’m now combining colors and pieces I would have never even thought went together just a year ago.  It’s been a great learning experience.

Sometimes the inspiration comes from pictures I’ve saved of outfits I like.  Other times it’s from outfits I’ve seen friends or strangers wearing.  Today I found inspiration in, all places, a picture of a shoe.  I liked the way it combined emerald green, cobalt and bright pink.  And since I happened to have pieces in those three colors just hanging in my closet, ready to be combined, a new outfit was born.

Here’s my take:

Top: Ann Taylor Factory

Cardigan/Belt: Gap

Skirt: Limited

Shoes: Steve Madden(Ross)

Necklace: NY&Co

Headband: Target

What, if anything do you use for inspiration for outfits or color combinations?


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