Sunday’s Manicure: Navy Polka Dots and Coral Toes

I’m adding a new feature to the blog.  I give myself a mani/pedi each week and I’ve recently started experimenting with new color combinations and patterns.  I will be showing you my efforts each Sunday.

Just a year or two ago, I could not paint my nails to save my life.  With practice, my hands have gotten steadier and I’d imagine your’s would too(if you struggle with nail polish application).

I’m currently loving the combination of navy and coral(thanks in part to my sister making me aware of it!) as well as polka dots so I decided to paint my toes in a coral color(Tiger Blossom from Gelish) and my fingernails in Navy(Gelish Deep Sea) with white polka dots(Gelish Sleek White).  I did two coats of navy(curing under the UV lamp between each coat) and then used a bobby pin with a rounded end to make the polka dots.

Ignore my old lady looking hands(that’s what my hubby calls them at least!).  What do you think?



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