Inspired Style: The Office

*This post was mistakenly published on the 11th when I meant for it to be published on the 12th.  I’ve corrected this error now.


I’ve had this picture that I saved from Pinterest for awhile now. I’ve even worn it a few times already, but I could never get a good picture of it.  Even today’s picture isn’t that great, but it’s the best of the worst, and since I’ve already worn this look THREE times in an attempt to get a decent picture, I’m calling this one IT.

I didn’t have the exact pieces, but I tried to capture the overall look with a crisp white shirt with a bow, bright pink skirt and navy sweater.

If I look a little worn or tired, it’s because I took this picture after work.  The morning pictures I took were the worst I’d ever taken, so I re-took them this evening.

Shirt: Ann Taylor

Cardigan: Express

Skirt: WHBM

Shoes: BCBG



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