Easter Weekend.

Happy Monday everyone!  Did you have a good Easter weekend?

I had a short work day on Saturday, then packed the car for a very quick trip.  After the hubby was off work, we headed up to spend the night with my grandparents and parents in South Carolina.

We had a great dinner at a local barbecue joint and all of us except grandpa headed over to the famous Edisto gardens where we looked at all the roses.

 We had a really great Easter service at my grandparents church and a delicious lunch afterwards courtesy of my grandma’s cooking!  I attempted a family picture, but the sun was too bright and we couldn’t find a good location where we weren’t all squinting or in the shadows….so here’s the best attempt….

 The weather could not have been more perfect.  After weeks of temps near the 90s and higher, we had cool and breezy temps in the 70s with lots of sunshine.

This weekend was the first in a long time that I was not absolutely dreading the end of it…that’s because I no longer work at a job that I absolutely hate.  As of today, I am working more hours at practice that I love.

Today’s look was a combination I put together and had hanging in my closet for several weeks, but finally pulled it out this am because I hadn’t had time to pick out my weekly looks due to being out of town over the weekend.

The grey sweater I’m wearing is one my mother-in-law got me for Christmas several years ago. I love the details on the shoulders and the jewels; unfortunately it’s a tad short and tends to ride up as I wear it, making it inappropriate to wear on it’s own.  I’ve solved that problem by pairing it over a long dress shirt(which would be boring and plain on it’s own).

Shirt: Express

Sweater: Venus

Skirt: Limited

Shoes: Nine West

Necklace: Target

Do you have any tricks that you use to make too short clothes work in your wardrobe?

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