Stripes and Polka Dots

I want to thank everyone who voted on which outfit I should wear for my photograph!  I really appreciate your input.  The votes were all over the place, though choice 1 was a clear favorite.  It makes me think all the outfits were winners since each one was picked by a different person.  I’m excited to wear them all soon.

Of course, I could only wear one for the picture, and while the one I ended up choosing wasn’t the overall favorite, it was the one that I was most drawn to, and the one that hubby picked as his favorite(which actually surprised me as hubby tends to not like either stripes OR polka dots….).

Choice Four:

I was drawn to the combination of stripes with polka dots; something I’d seen on pinterest and other blogs, but something I previously would have never tried.  It turned out to be fortuitous that I chose this look, because the pictures ended up being of the waist up, and I was glad I had chosen the most visually interesting top.

Here’s how it looked on me. Of course you know I had to style it with my mustard pumps!  Too bad they weren’t featured in the photograph for the magazine!

Top: Gap(I was so excited to find a navy/white polka dot top as I’d had one on my list of clothing wants for awhile now)

Cardigan: J. Crew Outlet

Necklace, Belt and Skirt: White House Black Market


Thanks again for your help!  I will be showing you the other looks when I wear them in the coming weeks.



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