Makeup Monday: Perfect Winged/Cat Eye-Liner EVERY TIME

Maybe I should just re-name this to Makeup Tuesday’s since this probably the fourth time in a row where I’m publishing Monday’s post on Tuesday!

Moving on….if you’re at all like me, you love the cat-eye/winged eyeliner look.  In fact, it’s kind of my signature.  No matter how I do my eye makeup, I *always* wing out my eyeliner.  My sister loves this look too, but she has mentioned many times that she has trouble making her wings even.

No more need to worry about it!  After reading this tutorial you will be able to create perfect cat-eye/winged eyeliner EVERY single time you line your eyes!

All you do is draw your wing first.  It’s so simple, yet it took me so long to realize it.  I too, suffered with uneven wings, scrubbing off my makeup to start over and making my liner thicker than I wanted in order to cover up mistakes.

No more.

To get the proper angle, hold your pencil at the outer corner of your eye so that it lines up with the angle of your lower lid.

Close up

Then just draw your line up form there.  The longer it is, the more dramatic your cat eye.  But don’t worry, you can always go in and make it longer.

Now just line along your upper lid and meet up with your wing and ta-da a perfect winged line!

You can, of course, thicken it if you want that sexy heavy winged liner.

Here’s how it looks after I finished the rest of my makeup:

Fun right?


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