10×30: Day 29

If you knew me back only a year ago, you would’ve known a girl who pretty much stuck to a palette of black, black and more black.  I’d *occasionally* branch out with a colored top in the midst of all that black, but I’d NEVER EVER mix colors.  That’s all changed for me now!  My favorite thing to do with clothes is try different color combinations.  One I’ve recently stumbled upon is pink and teal(a color pattern I’ll be repeating for my upcoming 30th birthday look).  I thought this outfit could just a little more pizazz so instead of matching my skirt with a pink necklace(as I would’ve in the past) I’ve added a teal necklace for a bright pop of color that I just love.

After I put this look together, I realized it was *very* similar to an outfit I had saved in my inspired style folder:

I must’ve subconsciously remembered it while I was putting the look together!

What color combinations are you loving right now?



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